The Developers Guide to Effective Networking

The truth about the hiring process is that the best candidate on paper is not the one who gets the job.

Soo....who does?

When faced with two similarly skilled candidates, who would you choose? Greg, who you only know from the interview process, or Teresa, who was recommended by someone you trust and vouches for her abilities?

Obviously, Teresa -- do you want to be a Teresa?

That’s rhetorical, of course you do.

Knowing how to make friends in a crowd of strangers is not networking.

At least not an effective way to network.

If you have avoided building THAT kind of “network” because you would rather be a hand model for a garden gnome company you have found the right resource.

There a many options for effective networking as a developer. You just need to find the right one for you.

What is the right way for me?

- you probably

Discover the most effective way for you to network with this 3-step guide.

Identify, execute, and evaluate.

It is simple in theory, but I've come to realize through my professional and personal experiences that knowing what's needed doesn't always translate to knowing what steps to take. That's the purpose of this guide.

Step One: Learn Better Ways to Network

Explore five approaches to networking and learn from real-life stories that both myself and friends. These examples will give you more options when it comes to enhancing your ability to make valuable connections, increasing your opportunities while searching for a job.

Step Two: Pick One and Do It

Enough reading and studying about how to build a network and find your dream job. It is time to get out there and get your hands dirty.

Step Three: Evaluate and Do It Again

There's no secret trick to instantly expand your network. It takes dedicated effort to make it happen. However, once you start making progress, it becomes easier to build momentum. Make sure you are assessing your efforts along the way, you can use that time to decide whether to focus more on what's working or to explore new avenues.

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