My name is Will King, and I am a Frontend Developer. I use Elm when I can.

Current Project

Bring Elm into the Wordpress community.

Feeling pretty passionate about this. Elm is great and there are so many unexplored use cases. As a member of both communities I want to step up and give a new group of developers a compelling reason and the right tools to bring Elm into their development workflow.

Find Out More

I solve problems associated with creating digital products. I have spent a lot of my time focusing on the transition from design to frontend development, but honestly I just love learning as much as I can to better understand how to build successful products.

I am passionate about functional programming and use Elm whenever I can. I maintain elm-live, and I am currently looking into bringing Elm into the Wordpress community. If you would like updates on new articles or any of my Elm project subscribe to updates below!