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Developer's Guide To Effective Networking

Start An Event

This one may sound a little over board just to build a network, but this one has deeper benefits then just trying to get higher quality connections and job recommendations.

You don't have to go big! Meetups, and tiny conference are great, and may even be better for the purpose we have been focused on.

Brooks LeBrand started a meetup for the Remix community in Austin. He gave a talk diving into it:

He now works on the Remix team as a community manager.

Going back to using speaking at events to grow your network, he is now a connection of mine because I asked if he was interested in me giving a remote talk at his meetup.

Sam Parr, of My First Million pod, often talks about how when he was running his HustleCon events would get all of the speakers (we are talking heavy hitters) in a room together and just listen and get to know them.

Starting an event is not for the faint of heart, but man…a real diamond in the rough.

Pros & Cons

  • Access to wide range of professionals and maybe even hero's in your industry/niche
  • Connection with attendees
  • Help others beside yourself and provide value
  • Can turn a profit
  • Potential to be a logistical nightmare, at a minimum you're still responsible for some amount of logistics.
  • Almost like running a small startup. Marketing, payments, lining up speakers.

Tips & Tricks

  • 👉Constraint, Constraint, Constraint. Keep your conference focus tight and then expand.
  • 👉Use sessionize to stream line speaker talk submissions
  • 👉Use an existing ticket solution don't roll your own.
  • 👉Evening it is small build in social or fun moments to break from the knowledge and encourage networking and relationships
  • 👉Follow-up with attendees after the fact and try to get feedback to improve the next one.

I hope you enjoyed

There is a lot more coming...

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